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We believe in the power of music to inspire, heal, and connect communities.

That’s why we’re raising $40,000 for justice for immigrants with a campaign called “I See My Light.”  Help us reach our goal by December 22nd by clicking Donate or visiting our Store to buy the song and artwork!  

“I See My Light,” the title of our new single, is a song inspired by women who've taken Sanctuary in Colorado – Sandra Lopez (Carbondale), Rosa Sabido (Mancos), Ingrid Encalada Latorre (Boulder), Araceli Velazquez (Denver), and Jeanette Vizguerra (Denver).  

These women sought physical refuge in places of worship (“sanctuary”) to keep their families from being torn apart by devastating immigration policies, and to save their lives. They represent over 100,000 immigrants and refugees in Colorado. While in sanctuary, these women are not only fighting for themselves. They are organizing communities to create a just and humane immigration system - changing state and federal policy, changing the votes of our lawmakers, and changing hearts and minds.  They are choosing bravery, and so can all of us.   

We believe in these women and their vision of a just world; we believe in justice for immigrants and working to end hate and oppression.  Join us in supporting these brave leaders, and their belief in the dignity of all people - our light! Donate now or buy the song to contribute, and spread the word! 

See below for links to the music video, more about Sandra, Rosa, Araceli, Ingrid and Jeanette’s stories, and more info about the campaign. 

Learn more about the stories of the women who’ve taken sanctuary in Colorado


I See My Light Campaign


Why this project?

LET THEM ROAR vocalist/guitar player Sophia Clark and sanctuary leader Sandra Lopez have been involved in the immigrant rights movement in Colorado for many years.  They met in 2012, and formed a close relationship working together on advocacy and policy change ever since. LET THEM ROAR began visiting and playing music for Rosa Sabido when passing through the Mancos, CO area, where Rosa has been in sanctuary for more than two years. Not long after forming this connection, Sandra took sanctuary in Carbondale, where the band is based.  Through these relationships and a deepened understanding of the devastating U.S. immigration system, the inspiration for the song “I See My Light” was born - the prophetic vision the leaders of sanctuary have for a just world without borders, the dignity and worth of their lives, and their incredible love and strength. LET THEM ROAR decided to use their song to raise a meaningful amount of money for the women who’ve been in sanctuary in Colorado.

Why these individuals?

In the face of incredible hate, of a system that wants them to be silent and to disappear, these women are raising their voices. They make a tremendous personal sacrifice, giving up their jobs and involvement in their families’ every day lives, in order to assert their right to dignity and respect, and their families’ - each of whom has U.S. Citizen relatives - the right to remain together. Not only are they demonstrating tremendous strength and bravery, they are using their time in sanctuary to fight for broader systemic change, changing policymakers’ votes on key pro-immigrant legislation in the state of Colorado. In the meantime, each woman has tens of thousands of dollars of debt. $40,000 isn’t that much - it’s what each of them have spent on legal fees over the past decade easily. But it makes a difference. When they leave sanctuary, we want them to thrive - not struggle to survive. We want them to know that people have their backs. We want them to know we see their light.

Click here to donate to the I See My Light Campaign.

*90 % of proceeds go directly to Sandra Lopez, Rosa Sabido, Ingrid Encalada Latorre, Araceli Velazquez, and Jeanette Vizguerra. 10% will go to operating costs of this project.