"Who Are We?" - A Note from Mateo -

- "Who Are We?” -

This is a rhetorical question from our song “We Are Not the Broken Ones.” It's a question I've asked since the inception of our name change back in 2014, and the closest answer has come from looking at what we believe, much of which is found in our mission statement:

We are a band that believes in the power of music to Connect, Heal, and Inspire, and We are in service to this power by harnessing deep threads of musical traditions in a way that creates meaningful community."

I believe we do this as a band by creating experiences that invoke awe, inspire wonder, and invite each other to break down the barriers within our communities that have left us feeling so alone and isolated.

I believe when we honor each other within our community in a meaningful way a wonderful harmony begins to emerge, and I believe our music is inspired to bring awareness to this harmony and ignite this power within us all!

There are many voices in our community. Some loud, some soft, and some that need to be heard more than others. I believe in allowing those voices in our community that aren’t as loud, that are in need of help, that are feeling marginalized, or those that feel like they don’t belong, to be heard. They deserve to resonate loudly and to be understood. Yes - To Roar!

We do ask for your support in buying the new music in support of “Them," and also by joining our online communities on Facebook & Instagram, and being a part of our live shows and actions on the street. We ask you to join us. You can find out more at letthemroar.com

Much Love,