I See My Light


Dear Friends of LET THEM ROAR,

Who Are THEM?

Are THEM the other? Not us? Is it more specific than that? Aren’t we all THEM sometimes, to someone?

As our mission solidifies around the healing power of music, we are motivated to build bridges over dividing lines and highlight that all people are important to the fabric of our community.  We love to sing about how we have far more fundamentally in common than than we have in separation, and let that guide us toward justice and an end to oppression. To this end, we are so excited to officially announce the project that will be the central focus of our summer: “I See My Light.”

“I See My Light” is a song that was born in our van and found its groove at a winter songwriting retreat. In our usual fashion it was a few months before words came, this time to Sophia, inspired by Sandra Lopez and the New Sanctuary Movement in Colorado. Sandra lived in Sanctuary from deportation in the Two River Unitarian Universalist parsonage in Carbondale for 10 months. During this time she partnered with three other women living in sanctuary around Colorado and together they penned the People’s Resolution: a document which outlines a path to more humane immigration policies, an alternative to the cruel and unworkable system we have now.  Sadly, after a year of hard work with a network of thousands of people across the state, the Resolution did not make it to a vote before the end of the CO legislative session.  Each of these women - Sandra, Rosa, Araceli, and Ingrid - have lived many years in the United States, working, paying taxes, building community. Each of these women have chosen to sacrifice their personal freedom to make a stand for the 100,000 undocumented people living and working in Colorado. Take a moment to imagine what it would mean to our communities, economy, our culture, our lifestyles, and our humanity if they were gone.  Each of these women has chosen bravery in the face of injustice.

We have had the great honor of making a studio recording at Cool Brick Studios along with the rich strings of Minze Wu and Sarah Graf, a beautiful video with Cinema Raven, featuring a mesmerizing Valerie Rose interpreting the song to American Sign Language, as well as gorgeous hand-cut poster from artist/activist friend Annie Seder. Starting June 20 you will be able buy the song and other media both digital and physical.  All of the money from the sales will go directly to these brave women via our partnership Two Rivers Unitarian Universalists, to support them in their lives, legal fees, and organizing efforts.  We have the lofty goal of $40,000 and we will need the help of everyone to get there. Please join us on our social media pages and SHARE what moves you.  Stay tuned for more ways to engage, take action, support and understand as we tour the Colorado sanctuary sites and connect with the women leading the charge.

With Love, From the Mountains, LET THEM ROAR

Sophia, Ashton, Olivia, and Mateo