Happy New Year 2019

LET THEM ROAR at Steve’s Guitars for NYE 2019!

LET THEM ROAR at Steve’s Guitars for NYE 2019!

Happy New Year (we can still say that end of January right?) and welcome to the very first of our new monthly newsletter! We are excited to embark on this aspect of the new millennium (definitely still new) creative career making super adventure.  Did you know that the members of LET THEM ROAR are creative career making? Well, that is what this newsletter is for: to keep you informed on the development of our adventures, share stories and pictures, our calendar, our latest videos and generally captivate you. In the near future you will learn about our Tiny Desk Contest entry, the launch of our Patreon Page and our most ambitious (and still secret) project yet!

We know you will only stay with us if it is meaningful to you and so we will strive to fill this with things that delight Us, excite Us and unite Us.  We will offer you ways to help us grow and also support causes and movements that are important to us. Lets face it, it’s not a career, it’s a community, we are so happy to share one with you.  Also, we just love prizes and giving gifts so there will be lots of opportunity to get fun things in the mail and tickets to shows, first glimpses of new music. If this is not something you want coming to your inbox, absolutely no problem, simply unsubscribe. (There’s a link in the footer of this email, perhaps next round we’ll know how to put one here!) Our FaceBook page is still the best way to get the most up to date info and we’d love to have your support there if that’s a tool you use.

Thank you for reading this far, we would love to hear from you as well should you see something here or anywhere really, that inspires you to reach out.

LET THEM ROAR with love,

Olivia, Mateo, Sophia and Ashton