February Roars!

LET THEM ROAR at the RMCR Coalition Conference.

LET THEM ROAR at the RMCR Coalition Conference.

We’re going to start our second newsletter in gratitude.  We celebrate that we are in a place, professionally, creatively and physically, where, talented, expert, generous, kind people want to work with us. we‘re delighted to share our news by thanking the people who are helping us make it.

We’ll begin with George Hendrix  who took all the photos in this issue earlier this winter at the Temporary where we played for the Rocky Mountain Community Radio Coalition’s annual conference. Also Gavin Dahl and everyone at KDNK who invited us to perform for so many radio stations in the region.  We’ll be in Crested Butte and Moab this summer as a direct result of that great Show.

We thank Annette and Andrew Roberts-Grey for the opportunity to get out of our box and reinterpret the Zager and Evans’ song “In the year 2525” for the opening of their show of the same name at the Carbondale Clay Center.  Ashton brought his Ableton Live rig and we got spacey and futuristic with our songs and the songs of others. What a blast! We hope for more of this kind of thing in the future ;-)

Recently, we’ve been back in Cool Brick Studios  working on a single to release in June as a fundraising and social justice activism campaign. Stay tuned here and and join us on social media for the roll out. We are so excited for this launch and especially grateful to track it with Dave Taylor, he makes us feel so at home and sound so good!

We promised you all a Tiny Desk Contest submission and we made one with our dear friend and former band member, Frank Martin. He captured a really nice video with great sound but it seams the contest will not go down this year.  This was meant to be an important piece in our project launch so you can be sure we will not let it go to waste.  Frank also recorded demos of eight songs with us that we hope will be a new album by 2020. Thanks Frank, for your unwavering support.

OMG it’s Tax season and a huge helping of gratitude goes to Dave Reynolds who has prepared our taxes for the last five years as an LLC. It is such a relief to have him on our team! Dave is an accountant during the day and also a great musician ( A Band Called Alexis), sound man and promoter. What an optimal set of skills!

To close out this certainly incomplete list we’d like to thank all of our parents for their continual love, sharing their homes, their expertise and experience, the songs they love, good food, and presence at so many shows.  Thanks for doing the big work of raising us up.

But wait, there’s more! We are delighted to announce that LET THEM ROAR will be the band for the SoL Theater and CRMS production of The Wizard of OZ. Olivia and Sophia’s vocal coach, Bonnie Draina, is the Music Director of the show and invited us to bring a little LTR flare to the production. This is our first venture into theater as a band and we hope it begins a new path to enjoy what we do. Dates are in the calendar bellow and follow the link above to tickets.

LET THEM ROAR with love,

Olivia, Mateo, Sophia and Ashton