Celebrate Spring!

LET THEM ROAR from the streets of Telluride.

LET THEM ROAR from the streets of Telluride.

One of our mentors Karen Barbee is encouraging us to see the importance of celebration to the wellbeing of a group of collaborators especially but also how important it is to life in general.  Without celebrating our accomplishments, the work of life is just that: work. Spring seams like the perfect time to start so we are incorporating it into our practice together, making time and space to enjoy eachothers company and acknowledge the significant effort and achievement that is LET THEM ROAR. We invite you to do the same with your important people, this doesn’t require a birthday or any special date, there are so many reasons to celebrate each other and ourselves.

We are celebrating the completion of the White River Runoff Project (follow this link to read the story, support it, and possess it). It was the focal point of our New Years celebration and now it is done! Led by our friend and occasional drummer (since he was in high school!) Carter Colia, it was a collaborative music-making adventure that included a beautiful spring rehearsal weekend in the Roaring Fork Valley and a June weekend spent at a fantastic Durango recording studio called Scooter’s Place. Out of that time came eight great songs and the deepening of many bonds.  Along with this celebration comes a little wistfulness in knowing that the performance of these songs, at least by this particular group of musicians is coming close to the end of it’s run. Our Mountain Fair set will be a bit of a reunion, though, and that’s another thing to celebrate! We’re playing Mountain Fair this year!

Another cause for celebration this month is the Tiny Desk Contest! It’s back and we are ready! Our submission is a song called “I See My Light” that began with playing with a refrain from Bob Dylan in the van. It got some real attention at a winter song writing retreat and then burst into bloom when Sophia wrote some lyrics inspired by the words of Sandra Lopez. Sandra is Sophia’s dear friend who spent ten months living in sanctuary in Carbondale.  This video is the first piece of our Big Summer Project and while the official launch isn’t until June, it’s time to start celebrating! We are so glad that NPR Music is running this contest again and that this year we are ready to participate. It would mean so much to us if you would check out this video and share it with friends. We have ambitious goals with this project and we will only meet them if our community is on board with us. More on this in the months to come, but a perfect segue, we celebrate YOU!  If you are reading this then it’s because you care about our music, and that is our greatest achievement. Thanks for joining us on this adventure, and stay tuned! (you can always unsubscribe at the very bottom of this letter)

With Love, and from the mountains,