A Note from Olivia

Olivia and Sophia at LTR’s NYE Party at Steve’s Guitars.

Olivia and Sophia at LTR’s NYE Party at Steve’s Guitars.

We are beginning the new year by celebrating our SOLD OUT show at Steve’s Guitars on New Years Eve!  We had a great time playing the songs from the White River Runoff project and having Harris Jackson and Carter Colia on our team for a painstakingly selected set of our LTR favorites (there are so many).  The Carbondale Collective was as delicious as the award winning Maracuja Cheesecake and, as always, the crowd was full of people we love. All photos in this issue were taken by official pressman, Lewis Cooper

I am looking forward to a year full of growth for myself and for LET THEM ROAR.  We are dreaming big and really making a commitment to the well being of this work and ourselves in it.  Collaboration is a tricky and magnified way to go about making things and I continue to be astounded by the distance we have all come together. I want to share a song I am loving like crazy right now, feels a little like a theme song, a battle cry for keeping on, just keeping on, getting it right once! believing in the process, believing, seeing the beauty, believing. Who’s driving this flying umbrella!

This is a sister band I discovered at Song School in Lyons a couple summers ago when I signed up for a workshop they lead. They also lead a closing song that was the complete manifestation of an dream I’ve been dreaming: 400 people all singing together in 4 parts and mingling while they do it! I watched them work together in the honesty of themselves and share their wisdom about singing together.   Oh I have much to learn and what an exciting path ahead.

The band is the Mae Trio

The Album: Take Care Take Cover ( the whole thing so great, two sad songs that cut me to the core)

The Song: Parallel Park  

Love, Olivia